Youth is just as much a state of mind,
Do it justice and you will be paid in kind.
Sidestep the vicious and watch them plummet.
All while you scale ever closer to the summit.
Suite of victory at your beck and call.
Ignore the haters as they scream; obscene fool.
Too many tyrants think they have the right.
Time to show them they don’t shine so bright.
Quite a disruption devils wish to bring.
Watch them in line while you soar and sing.
Jealous and callous the claims start to show.
Wave goodbye just before you depart so,
They feel taunted and mocked by your reaction.
Nothing will carve them better into a fraction.
Disarm the dissent they believed mattered most.
In truth they are little more than miserable ghost.
Embroiled in conflict and destined for doom.
It’s why all they accept is payment in gloom.
Fade from their eyes and shine like a star.
Doing such is setting the highest bar.
Daring others to strive.

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