Midnight In Minutes

Our world is on fire.
Cause has been our desire.
In this age of desperate introspection;
Contemplation is needed to stem the infection.
Ignore the signs and wait for the blade.
Either way the universe will be getting repaid.
Salvation or sacrifice;
These are the only options that will suffice.

Disease is so far along.
Can’t you see we were wrong?
Obsessed with our own little fixations.
Twisted our homes into rank abominations.
Carving deep into the priceless skin.
This is malice we are living within.
Judgement or cataclysm;
Soon will come for our lack of revision.

Ragnarok is around the bend.
An SOS will not halt the end.
Genocide wrought by our contempt.
The hands of time are almost spent.
What do we all need,
To understand toward oblivion we speed?
Death or decision;
Time to choose or accept extinction.

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