Garner To Steal

I hear you wish to garner favour;
Never will it be done with your behaviour.
Charged in without a thought or sense.
Now you plead for recompense.
Disjointed in your way of thinking.
So you hold us captive until we are sinking.
Beyond the realms of being saved.
Best description for the act is depraved.
Unleashed by a hand most enthralled by violence.
All that remains are the eons of deathly silence.
Formed to shapes which do not belong.
The only word we speak is cried; wrong.
Hallucinations fashioned from decayed bombs,
Over these methods you hold no qualms.
Polluted into red venomous bile.
Demanding everyone else is put to trial.
Cape of thorns hangs off your back.
Wallow in the darkest pit of black.
Orders which you declare with joy.
To you we are nothing but a toy;
Objects to be manipulated.
In preparation for us to be subjugated.
Twisting histories to form a narrative.
For you that is most imperative.
Cementing your dominion over all.
From here on out all we shall do is stall.
Favour ripped from our mangled hands.
Alongside it came the conquering of these lands.
Behaviour damned when you stole the world.
Leathery wings of desecration unfurled.

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