Open your mouth and shit comes out.
Every word you say is to gain clout.
Its all you do cause its all you know.
Your money is laundered and you’re a douche so…
Why would anyone want to listen to you?
You’re a hasbeen from the get go.
A no name fool who likes to run his mouth.
Dickhead please, just get the hell out.

Should’ve taken the hint a while ago.
To be honest its clear you’re an absolute zero.
Men think you’re cringe and women want to vomit.
You’re about as meteoric as falling comet.
Trying to brag about the dumbest things.
Clearly you’re the most insecure of beings.
All bark no bite, unless its all staged.
Get off every stupid attention seeking page.

Clear you got roid rage in that meat head.
Just bow out before you end up dead.
Cause you ain’t no gangster is the truth of the matter.
If you met one you’d beg like the mad hatter.
Rambling about how you are so cool.
Ha that shows how much you are a tool.
Everything done in your life is fixed.
And your actions declare you belong in a cage.

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