I feel the tendrils writhing on my skin.
A cold sensation makes me want to give in.
But i will not bow or even break.
For my time is not a thing i’ll forsake.

Butcher hides in swollen fields.
A place where there are plentiful yields.
With a cleaver in hand and a wicked smile.
Those crazy eyes are looking for denial.
To carve a root across the face.
Destroy purity post haste.
But I won’t let that come to pass.
If I have to I’ll deliver a pre-emptive slash!

I fought the terror in my eyes.
Denied its attempts to bring my demise.
Instead i crowned my own glory.
Weaved a whole new chapter to my story.

Assassin dwells in the shade.
Their newest target they plan to make slayed.
With an evil grin and a sharp knife.
They leap out hoping to end a life.
But met their match they have this time.
For I am there to prevent this crime.
Best them at their own game.
Showcase their complete and utter shame.

I won my battles and claimed my peace.
No longer entwined with my grief.
For warmth now fills my being.
And it is something I will never stop seeing.

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