Kill. Repent. Repeat.

There are bodies in the hall again.
You said this wouldn’t be happening.
I trusted you and feel betrayed.
Do you ever mean a thing you say?
No don’t answer, I can’t listen right now.
Please just go, no longer can I look at you.
My heart is too busy tearing in two.

Digging shallow graves to hide the corpses.
Sweat and tears mixed with blood that’s not mine.
Why oh why, can’t you just control your self?
Is it that hard to be good?
Or do you think you’re misunderstood?
I tried so hard to learn the truth.
All you did was give me circumstantial ‘proof.’

Won’t relent.
Did you really try?
Or simply just fucking lie?
No more can i take this mess.
I want out; i am suppressed!

Letting go of you will not be easy.
But this can’t be left to repeat.
If I ‘forget’ others will be turned to meat.
No remorse I continue to see.
Don’t look at me you’re not the victim.
Those eyes of yours show only violence.
They’re urging me to keep my silence.

Job is done, the world is safer.
Feel relief but do not hate her.
Cannot answer why that is.
I should for all that violent biz.
But something just won’t let me.
Instead I focus on my forward journey.
Had a final chat with my attorney.

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