Survive The Flood

Learn from peasants how to be a shining star.
Superiority will never carry you that far.
Wicked lesson that you would be best to heed.
Otherwise you might be treated with a wounded stead.

Revitalise rather than crush beneath a boot.
To much tragedy can be found at the root.
Source which wretched ages had chance to spawn.
They were the ones who made innocent forlorn.

Patronise if you wish to sail without a hand.
If that is your choice then it will be your brand.
Seared flesh and a solemn heart of soot.
Upon land you will never again be able to set foot.

Fractured mind with icy cold stare.
Getting out this pit will not end despair.
For you cut the cord and left us to drown.

Seek from fools how best to survive the flood.
Think it mad well they’re better understood.
For of they were not how do they continue to breathe.
Perhaps their knowledge could grant you reprieve.

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