Release me fate from your grip,
Never again will I let you slip,
Force a blade between my ribs.
Sneak pills into my meals.
For time has come to make a change.
Stop the heresy you insist we bring.
Cause the way out is not always war.
There are chances for so much more.
Now lay down your weapons and your words.
Lets not make this any worse.
Yes I know all that you did.
Did you really think these deeds could be hid?
Well I’ll set you straight and tell you no.
I’m not blind, deaf and out of control.
Its why we are here and not in battle.
Still I’ll remind these are matters we must settle.
So give your demands and I’ll provide mine.
Doesn’t mean either will get them in time.
Compromise is the order of business you see.
Jeopardise this relationship and we both shall be forgot.

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