From A Forbidden Box

I hear a voice but it speak no words.
Get more sense out of singing birds.
But the gums keep flapping like they just can’t stop.
Please, I beg of you hurry up and drop…
Cause anything is better than all these lines.
Each one should have attached big fines.
If that happened then you might first think.
Though some how I seriously doubt it.
For your importance is in your head.
Meanwhile many wish you were dead.
I wouldn’t go that far but I would agree,
Get out the office and return to obscurity.
As there is no way that you have a clue.
Show your lack of empathy daily too.
Sometimes I wonder if your a killer,
After all you certainly made the world better.
You might argue but who gives a damn?
I’ll tell you now it isn’t this man.
Cause from my view you are naught but a fraud.
Not something anyone should applaud.
But then those hyenas you call friends like to remark.
Only thing they believe in is taking stealing to heart.
A sad state of affairs is over what you preside.
So I’ll implore you its time to bow and step aside.

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