Suffer Age

Stare out your window and what do you see?
For me it is stars and they are as mesmerising as can be.
What I would give to sail through the black.
And no I don’t care if there’s no coming back.
Cause space is our future so why do we fight?
Insist on multiplying issues just out of spite.
Pointless and careless it’ll kill us all.
Rather be exploring than being the husk of a thrall.

Build up your imagination and what do you get?
To you there are places which need to be visited.
I trust in your reasoning as you explain it to me.
Why don’t be construct this instead of misery?
Questions with no answers cause nobody knows.
Confusion is multiplying and it really shows.
So lets put down our weapons and violent tendencies.
And spread through the stars with their numerous galaxies.

Passion in creation is for what we should strive.
Without it our species cannot maintain our drive.
And if you doubt that is what fuels us so.
Remember the bloodshed we often resort to.
Does that look like prosperity from where you stand?
No, it looks like madness and its our ancient brand.
Its why we need to shift or be lost to the ages.
Cause at the moment we are living in suffocating cages.

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