Still Or Craven

Be still or be craven;
What is your reasoning?

Weaponised in fateful flaws, you didn’t look before the pause.
Patronising with claims to fame, again you fear to speak the game.
Whittled down and withered dry, are you still hiding a lie?
Cantankerous and growing bold, displeased when you are told;
Rushing streams and babbling brooks are filled with what you shook.
Martyr to some group of masks, no you have a lack of tact.
Its why we’re sitting face-to-face with glass dividing this place.
You made a mess but refuse to see, you’re stubborn and involuntary.
Twisted and round the bend, how about you don’t pretend;
Act as though you are the king, just listen and be accepting.

Be still or keep craving;
When will you start behaving?

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