Violent Abort

I see the futures and all are short.
Most end with a violent abort.
Framed in flowers of disastrous decay.
Don’t anticipate an impending hooray.
Cause our world is shifting and we don’t factor.
We might be the cause but we are also the losing actor.
And crossing your fingers will not do a damn.
Sit and wait if you like but its happening.
Time much shorter than you wish to believe.
There are no salvations hidden up anyone’s sleeve.
Yet action too will not be enough,
Unless we unite and forego the peripheral stuff.
For ideologies are what have led us to here.
If you cannot admit that then chug on your beer.
As I have no time for the raft of speeches given.
Reality is its just a form of misdirection.
So if your intent is really to fix.
Then get knee deep in this desperate mix.
Look for real solutions to what will come.
Unless you think the purpose is dumb.
But mark my words and mark them well,
What will come will be our final hell.

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