Shudder And Creep

Feel the creep up the back of my neck.
Discomfort is something I’d like to forget.
The shudder, the skin crawl which doesn’t fade.
Its simply how my brain and body were made.
Doesn’t make my unease any thinner.
Makes me feel like I can’t be a winner.
Instead I’m a prisoner in a gilded cage,
Having to turn a fifty tonne page.
If you feel the same then know you are not alone.
There are many who sit upon this wretched throne.
Sifting through the ashes of our shattered wishes.
For a while it would be nice if it misses.
Sadly that is not how it will slink.
And many times you’ll be on the brink.
Staring down into an abyssal pit.
Desperate and yet willing to submit.
But hold on and don’t raise your flag.
You and I can survive to brag;
And though it won’t be settled for good,
These are trials and tribulations withstood.

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