Deep Inside

Cut this hole deep inside my chest.
First thought it was part of some test.
But now I know you wanted my heart.
Got your wish cause I’m hollow.
Shard of ice is all that can be found.
All the decisions it does compound.
For my head is all that is left.
And it long since failed this.
Yet still I managed to get away.
Ran to the hills then kept it that way.
Still, now I am but a shell with a wound.
If I could I would close to mend,
But the pain is raw and stinging.
Not sure if I’ll keep going.
Legs and heavy and head is thick.
Parts of me scream; I am sick.
Please, I need a guide to find my track.
Not convinced I’ll get back without that.
Though I have nothing to offer in kind.
I simply don’t want to become the rind.
Be pulverised into splinters of meat and bone.
Send me a sign so I can locate a home.

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