Nothing At All

It seems you save depression, stress, anxiety.How about we give you something to help you quietly? I’d rather feel something than nothing at all! But we can make it all slip so far away.Numb your feelings until you can feel okay. I’d rather feel something than nothing at all! We really recommend you let usContinue reading “Nothing At All”

Crooks As Kings And Other Things

Swallow the silence and glare at the moon.What might be offered is the chance of a boon.Can you turn down a gift so freely given?Never listen to the snorts of cynical derision.For what lies in shadow is not that baited in rays.So ignore the chants that you’ll be starving for days.Perfection is impossible no matterContinue reading “Crooks As Kings And Other Things”

Rather Rejoice

Impatience and entropy.Why is this what you feast upon so hastily?Stay your hand and change your route.Wouldn’t you rather rejoice than be mute?And no misery is not company.All it breeds is despair and gluttony.So lend me your hand to run far and free.Laugh like children without a care to see. Silence and uncertainty.Yes they afflictContinue reading “Rather Rejoice”

Crystal Clear

Eyes on the horizon.Sun is still rising.Shining blue crystal clear.As smooth as a mirror. Paradise for my peepers.Too many are sleepers.But I yearn to see this daily.Can’t put it more plainly. Winds picks breaking serene.I continue to feel supreme.Watch as ripples turn to waves.Taste the air as it invades. Tears in my peepers well.Beauty alwaysContinue reading “Crystal Clear”

One And All Share in The Fall

We’re all the same.Stop with the pain.Its all so lame.Everyone has a share in the blame. So picture this and do it well;What stands right here is the latest swell,Of pure unadulterated despair.We are all stuck right here! Dissect but it won’t alter the course.Been screaming so long my voice I hoarse.Yet no one listensContinue reading “One And All Share in The Fall”

Out The Ways

Sweep, all the problems out of the way.Pretend, the universe isn’t succumbing to decay.Raid, steal all you can from those most abused.Commiserate, an act to make it seem improved. But in the back you continue to count your ill-gotten gains.Faced with nothing because you hide out the ways. Shuffle, force people toward their breaking point.Parasites,Continue reading “Out The Ways”

Paint Creation

Paint the sky upon your canvas of smiles.Every stroke contains differing styles.So keep the flow and not stay your hand.Create whatever your imagination can.Dream bigger than you thought was true.Show just how little critics affect you.For the beauty will be seen by those who can appreciate,Not those who lack any positive trait.Its why again IContinue reading “Paint Creation”