Inner Head

Screams in my head that don’t wanna quit.
What I would give for some peace for a bit.
Raging and rolling the voices go round in my head.
So many sometimes I want to crawl back in bed.
But admitting defeat fills me with guilt.
Don’t want to be left here simply to wilt.
And so I feel stuck, paralysed and unsure,
While also feeling as though I am doing poor.
Failing the tests which I’ve set for myself.
Have I made them an unwinnable test?
Wish I could say but try as I might…
Everyday is a fresh period to fight.
Prevail or fail are equally haunting.
What I would give to put an end to what’s daunting.
Though waving a wand will result in no magic cast.
Another fallacy that has been left in the past.
Hate to say but its reality and true.
Felt far more at home when I was a kid with a view.

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