Shed A Tear

Stand on the shoulders to gain a view.
Freedom should not be stolen from you.
Resist your chains, forsake these bounds.
No longer be dragged into the soul box created wrongs.

Ease your mind and fly free from the cage.
All they wish is to bind you to a seperated page.
Void their options and remove your trail.
Upon the world these screams need to remain angry but hollow.

Perched out of reach is your single chance.
Going back will only resort in eternal violence.
I miss you but this is how it must forever be.
I’ll shed a tear when i remember the chances thrown away.

Be impassioned by all the warm memories.
Division is not the final act or really an end.
We will be united when the time does come.
I believe that for you are the teacher who thawed out my cold heart.

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