Out Your Time

Saturation might not be what comes round this day or the next.
But at some point the waves will flood everything.
Doubt all you want but our time is growing short.
The hands are closing!
Events are quickening to a single point in time.
It could be in a week, month or five lifetimes.
Not saying change and crisis can be averted.
Too late, too small, what comes will and we can do nothing.
Instead I say live and celebrate all that there has been.
Then if it collapses tomorrow we will have had so many somethings.
And yes, I hear the voices nag from the corner.
If you pay them no mind they will get no stronger.
For here we party until the final toll does ring.
And throughout whatever comes we should be smiling.
Surrounded by joy and our loved ones.
You might not get to choose how you die but you can choose how you lived out your time.

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