Has anyone ever considered the complexity of meeting?
I have and find it kind of harrowing.
For relationships aren’t easy no matter the form.
Not talking only about love but friends, acquaintances, really anyone.
Layer upon layers of interaction.
One false move could spell disaster and a need to move on.
Maybe its something you’ve never considered.
If so, you should try and give it thought some time.
Conscious or not, judgement is always involved.
Not able to be cast out and forgotten.
Or maybe I’m wrong and it is relevant only to me.
After all I’m one man and am wrong repeatedly.
Not a brag or a dig, just an observation.
With age knowledge and perspective its a realisation.
Its why all I say is not to be considered right.
These are but the opinions of a single sprite.
Character in a larger tale of being one in billions of NPC.
Still I implore you to consider what we take for granted.
That which is often easy, simple or done automatically.

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