Under Thumb At the Point Of A Gun

Pull the strings, they call me…Puppet; I’m no master.Enslaved to life forecaster. Twister of words and enforcing moves.Speak what you want it won’t change the truths;For what has been carved will remain ’til the end.Weaving the patchwork that demands we do bend.Out of the pan and into the flames.Don’t remember a single one of yourContinue reading “Under Thumb At the Point Of A Gun”


Picking at the scabs that stitch my skin.Wondering if there is a way in;To this house that was a home.Once it was all I had know.Yet now I’m…Rifling through streets alone.Sick and tired of the roam.Cause I’m walking concrete without shoes.Feels like every day I lose. Damned me to constant when I’m not respondant.Who wereContinue reading “Scapegoated”

Universal Hell

Grind the bones into dust.In these words all should trust.Not a statement I plan to follow.Every word seems empty and hollow.But this is the promise! Straightjacket the world into place.Universal hell head space. Bear witness under the flag.Perhaps all is well says the rag…Tag bunch who still gleam with hope.To be honest they should beContinue reading “Universal Hell”

Those Who Came Before

I search for the hands of my makers.For they were the only partakers;Founders of the world we tread.Cannot put that thought to bed.For they must dwell out beyond the edge.Reaching them is something to which I pledge. Not a dream but a promise I make.From this goal no one can shake;For my resolve is absolute.ToContinue reading “Those Who Came Before”