Serpent Messiah

Rooted rot from the forgotten treeWhat comes here is only entropyBoiled down to your waisted formFearful of divinities scornWith a head upon the chopping blockIdeas to which they funnel the flockBut wait here long enough and the mask will slipBelow is the reality of it Serpent messiahNo route to reach higherSnake and a liarWords sangContinue reading “Serpent Messiah”

Temporal Foil

Hey everyone! Another Wednesday another story. This week, unsurprisingly, it’s a Sci-Fi story. Not one set in space however. You might be able to guess going off the title what it involves. Still, I elected not to make this story about violence and killing. It could very easily have become that but it’s nice toContinue reading “Temporal Foil”

Wrapped And Trapped

Gorge and replicate yourself on a fantasyBut will you realise that the real meWalked across the threshold to the sodden doorThere’s no way back and you continue to abhor The rotting teeth chatter in veinYou have a brand new disease to nestle with painSo just for once why not open your eyesI know you fearContinue reading “Wrapped And Trapped”

Road To Take

Push to the frontIgnore what they wantIt wasn’t built for twoEverything’s for you So don’t let them bleed the sourceOr you’ll end up without recourseJust a circling the drainHead without a working brain Push to the frontIgnore what they wantIt wasn’t built for twoEverythings for you Wriggle out the mass of fleshThe pile with whichContinue reading “Road To Take”

Lost Asunder

I’m ba-ack! Sorry, couldn’t resist. But it is true. I’m back again with another story post. Lost Asunder is the latest in what I’m calling a series of stories. It follows on from Fragmented Friends. There are a few more ideas I have for this series. Whether I write them or not largely comes downContinue reading “Lost Asunder”