Just A Player

Bunny hopping ain’t for nothing. Leap around like an insane fool.All to dodge the bullet spool.Never ending flow of lead.Or is it plasma aimed at your head?I don’t…have a clue. If it misses me then I’ll be pleased to.Because the threat is real.Underestimate if you wish to feel, Butchered.Part of a spree.Savaged.Overkill for me.All theseContinue reading “Just A Player”

For The Art

This was the end when I came rushing through.Look for a key and you might join in too.Not a promise I have to express.These are but the possibilities you can impress,As you weave through the traffic in the bay.Someone always shouts hip hip hooray.Doesn’t exactly make much sense.But then when does life in this tense?ItContinue reading “For The Art”

Figurehead To Avert The Fires

All the promise you held in your hands.You could’ve stood tall upon shoulders so grand.What a sight I would have paid to see.For it gave people like us a hope to be,Better than at the level in which we were born.Not to have to live like a thorn.Sticking into the side of the mass.Existence soContinue reading “Figurehead To Avert The Fires”