Judgment In Waves

Crisis, crisis.An endless rise to prices.You reap what you sow.But we never even tried.Too busy gutting all we could get.We did this or expect that we’ll suffer for it. Tides will wash us away.Mother, judgement upon decay. Alarm, alarm.Too many appear calm.Yet its only as deep as skin.Can we dig out of this pit we’reContinue reading “Judgment In Waves”

From The Root

Efforts in motion tell stories from the root.These moments are fleeting because of the boot.Its armoured and toughed and stings like a knife.Especially when it bites into my shins during night. But ignore the teachings and you might fall flat.Not an easy fix to bring yourself back from that.I’ve done it a few times andContinue reading “From The Root”

Fringe Shattered

Sent on a mission to a world.No clue as to what will be found.Set down and push deeper in.Only to be attacked but something.Stripped of resources and cast down.It feels like I’ve become nothing.These doubts are creeping and working deep.They exclaim I have been beat.That I am useless and can’t prevail.Each one of them finishesContinue reading “Fringe Shattered”

Endless Nightmare

What is, What is…The face…That you never want.To see, To see…From me…Cause of how you went about your…Endless nightmare! Ionised in a cloud of faded gas.Based upon performance it will never last.For the demons knocking and the angels gone,So from this point right here there is only wrong.And does that sound like a place toContinue reading “Endless Nightmare”

From A Forbidden Box

I hear a voice but it speak no words.Get more sense out of singing birds.But the gums keep flapping like they just can’t stop.Please, I beg of you hurry up and drop…Cause anything is better than all these lines.Each one should have attached big fines.If that happened then you might first think.Though some how IContinue reading “From A Forbidden Box”

Stake, Claim, None Remain

Practice with preachers from the years in the dark.Your moments are fleeting without a new spark.So rap on the doorframe and beg for reprieve.Though watch for what magicians keep up their sleeve. Paradise is but a state to claim.Too many minds have gone down the drain.Simple lie hidden amongst the masses.None of us our holdingContinue reading “Stake, Claim, None Remain”

Take Away

Paradoxical dread bathed in brains long stewed.These are the avenues down which we are shooed.Not a place in time but a point for beating.Every breath you take shall start yet more cheating. Wanna build us up,Just to take it away.To you,We are…Nobody! Sandwiched in the mud fashioned from grime.Sentences are fading because of all theContinue reading “Take Away”


Farewell.Don’t calling this an ending.Don’t think this a stop.All that is happening is we’re parting from the rot.So hold all your memories and never let go.This separation will not be final so know… Farewell is temporary.Not the same as goodbye.You can see when you wish,Just look to the sky.Never let voices tell you that theyContinue reading “Farewell”