By Fire And Blade

Right, this time I’ve got a non-Sci-Fi story involving a warrior and his service to a ruler. Not going to say much more than that other than it’s about 13500 words. Hope you enjoy it! The thick metal armour covering Galrun’s body is starting to weigh heavily on him. His muscles are straining as heContinue reading “By Fire And Blade”

For Kings And Fools

Lying atop my rusted shieldOut in the middle of this bloody fieldDevoid of a weapon to wieldMy skin will soon be peeledInnards will then be revealedWhich means my fate has been sealedAs I die upon this battlefieldI wonder if I should have squealedWould your words have been repealed?Or would I have been concealed?Either way IContinue reading “For Kings And Fools”


It’s Wednesday, so that means a new short story. This time I’ve got a fantasy story for you (Its about 3700 words long). Its set as part of a battle, and that’s all I’m going to say. So let’s get into it! The two armies stand on opposite sides of an open area of grassyContinue reading “Vengeance”


Axe and boneWe fight for homeRaise the flagLets take the land Arrows and fireAn old desireBlow the hornInward we come Armour and bloodHere comes the floodWe still riseAs the river cries Peace and warThere is no moreStrive for lifeIn comes the knife Sword and shieldWe are revealedShips of ashAscendent wrath