Dumb Criminal

Kerching, your the victimThe pickpocket systemA day late and way too shortTime to speak with a consortBut that takes cashAnd you have noneEven tried to steal for funNever knew you were that dumbSat within the metal barsThe cops are laughing at your chargeWhile you plead, there’s been a mistakeYeah its called your stupid intakeBut stillContinue reading “Dumb Criminal”


Freedom fighter, terroristJust a matter of perspectiveEven if you use another nameThey all link just the sameInsurgent is another termMuch like being a militantAll claim its for rights and fairnessBut murder shouldn’t be permittedIf you kill then you are the causeAnother criminal outside the lawsSoldiers without a uniformLittle more than hell spawnCutting down who youContinue reading “Extremist”