Pluck at the stringHear it ringShivers up the spineFeeling so fineRumble in the chestSo impressedTurns to a songAsking, what is wrong?They are simple wordsWe’ve all heardDon’t want an endMake it a trendKeep the melody goingThe music is flowingUpswing in the moodBetter than foodHead starts to bobOblivious to the mobAll do the sameAccepting the painThen comesContinue reading “Strum”

Beauty In Sound

Plug into my veinI need to feel the gainSound without the painHere we go again Pumping out the noiseFilled with joyous poiseListen for the noteA voice so heaven spoke Reverb along the wallsCacophony of callsYour chest will rumble onRythmn of the song Screech from the ampApproving final stampWhile the static does humBlasts of the machineContinue reading “Beauty In Sound”