Creeping down the corridorWill you hear the creek and roar?Nervous as a deer in lightThe darkness might give you frightJust before you turn the bendOnly to do it all againEach step breeds more fearThe pit is growing deeper hereThen a sound does ring trueThat’s when you stop and stewFeel the silence deafeningMaking you want toContinue reading “Recurring”

Night Terror

Waking slick with sweatAnother night terror eventShivering for a bitNo reprieve from itAs the world burnsAnd people take turnsSociety is unravellingVictims of extremismWhile the ghosts roamVoices continue to droneDreams have been lost for goodAs has the innocent bloodTrapped within a glass cageThere is no fresh pageLocked deep within the pitNot even a chance to changeContinue reading “Night Terror”