Move Like Smoke

Hey everyone! That time of the week again, story day! This week I’ve got a fictional story set in a world filled with anthropomorphised animals. I don’t explicitly say where and when the story is based but seeing as it involves ninja, and Samurai are mentioned, you might be able to guess. That’s all I’mContinue reading “Move Like Smoke”


Staring up at the sunWanting back the days of funA time when there wasn’t a careJust long periods of being thereA fair mind in an open fieldNothing forcing you to shieldPassing time as you wishedThose are periods to be missedNot petty squabbles spouting poisonSuch things are born from poor decisionInstead you meandered through the dayChantingContinue reading “Youth”

Missing The Point

No one is cleanEverybody is to blamePoint the fingerIn both directionsYou are guilty, as am IHistory should be allowed to dieTo not do so is to be ashamedThe past should stay that wayBut that does not mean condoneSick of the hijacked megaphoneAgendas forced down your throatStop being the sheep pretending your the G.O.A.TMake a decisionContinue reading “Missing The Point”

Old Home Movies

Pictures of a memory fadingIts been years of us waitingPassing like ships in the nightWill our paths ever unite?I remember when we were youngThe hours would simply be goneBut now that we are fully grownI always count the time aloneSummers running through the fieldsLife never seemed so realBut now we barely even speakIts like ourContinue reading “Old Home Movies”