Missing The Point

No one is cleanEverybody is to blamePoint the fingerIn both directionsYou are guilty, as am IHistory should be allowed to dieTo not do so is to be ashamedThe past should stay that wayBut that does not mean condoneSick of the hijacked megaphoneAgendas forced down your throatStop being the sheep pretending your the G.O.A.TMake a decisionContinue reading “Missing The Point”

Make It True

Smile past the disasterDon’t look for a masterShoot for the starsNo matter where they areNever let the night winYou can always start againLife is what you chooseDon’t settle and loseFight for what you wantEase is not a part of itBeauty in the empty spacesThe very best of your placesWhile the guilty run and hideYou canContinue reading “Make It True”

From Beyond The Light

Slink through the shadows escaping lightOne wrong step will reveal the fightNot a motion you wish to makeIrreversible mistake Cause even with your bleached clawsIt doesn’t mean you’re without flawsFlesh, sinew and old boneThey are still what was hewn from stone Effigy of a monsters spawnFrom nightmare you have been drawnSend in slithers of fearsContinue reading “From Beyond The Light”

Beauty In Sound

Plug into my veinI need to feel the gainSound without the painHere we go again Pumping out the noiseFilled with joyous poiseListen for the noteA voice so heaven spoke Reverb along the wallsCacophony of callsYour chest will rumble onRythmn of the song Screech from the ampApproving final stampWhile the static does humBlasts of the machineContinue reading “Beauty In Sound”


Line them upKnock em backThis is the new form of attack Glass in handSmile so wideTime to make the worlds collide Prepare yourself…While the bass goes boomTonight is the rising of the full moon Weeks been longThe end will be shortDon’t want to be left with nought Eight are downThree to goThe room is spinningContinue reading “Shots”


Stop with the hateTime to party and celebrateBut your heart of iceStill dripping maliceWhat is the problem?Leaving you solemnTime is a clockTicking back to the dotA point called zeroNo reason to be the anti-heroJust digging gravesCollecting slavesBuilding on the remainsSuch a shameSo just begin a pauseEnd the fabrication of causeLook for a highwayMake it yourContinue reading “Invert”


Growing high above the groundFrom where I can look aroundWhile my brothers continue to growBefore we drop down belowAs the wind rustles leavesWe will soon be cast freeLeft to fall to the floorWhere we hope to be foundClaimed by a happy soulInstead of rotting into a holeBut for the moment we gently swayAs the breezeContinue reading “Conker”