Is the darkness what you really fear?As the sun drops below to disappearThe night sky blooms like deathPinpricks burst from nothingnessScattered across the inky blackAre you scared the sun won’t be coming back?As the moon sails across the voidShadows are all you should avoidBeauty in the dark of nightShouldn’t let it give you frightCast wideContinue reading “Night”

From Present To Past

Humanity will fade awaySwallowed by its entropyBecause we couldn’t stay togetherInstead we fractured unlike weatherTorn apart instead of stayed strongOh what a tragic wrongSo soon we will just rot awayLost to times natural decaySo much promise that we did sullyIf only we would have tried more fullyBut that was never on the cardsIs what wouldContinue reading “From Present To Past”

Money Hungry

You thirst for moneyYou’re consumed by greedRub your hands togetherIgnore mortalityStart the economy to watch it failA second wave will then prevailBut you just want to count the cashDon’t give a damn about the massWe can all go lie in an enormous graveWhat a blinkered view you wish to paveEven your lies can’t hide theContinue reading “Money Hungry”

Iced Over

The frost crawls across your heartNever will you admit your darkCold to your very coreAs you murder and abhor Skin like ice that burns to touchYou became the murderousShattering hearts as you passFatal attraction killing fast Ice blue eyes that pierce throughWhatever happened to the real youTurned your back and becameAn icy figure of hateContinue reading “Iced Over”

The Title Holds Weight

And here is the second post of the day! Devil is in the detailBut you haven’t set the scaleMoving past the tipping pointYou haven’t offered one clear thoughtSpouting words that contradictEveryone is so so sickNow hurry up and say somethingBefore an end is what you bringWe can’t listen to the callsYou ran away to hideContinue reading “The Title Holds Weight”


Returning home after all these yearsI expected more than endless tearsA street that once was homeNow just shells and vacant roadsYou’d think that war took this placeIn reality it was left to fadeIts even worse than when I left beforeMy feeling are an open soreI came back and there is only shameShopping malls with lockedContinue reading “Abandoned”