Save Your View

Blow the news out of all proprtions.This is the way of social distortions.Exaggerate to form the point for you.Lay the blame upon who you need to.What a way to live your life.Hellbent on forcing others to sacrifice.All to preserve how you spend your time.To everyone else your conduct is a crime.Handed down from generations goneContinue reading “Save Your View”

Corner Of The Eye

Some hands are fettered and rotten.They will try and make you forgotten.Drag you down beneath the waves.Fashion isolating chamber graves.Shove you in and let you wallow.It’ll feel like you can never swallow.Just linger on the very edge.Such things are their only pledge. They are but the worst of us.Obvious in how they’re sus.But still youContinue reading “Corner Of The Eye”

Natural Beauty

Perch up high above the fields of green.Down below the world does gleam.Trees like painted sticks with colour.Bunched up unlike any other.Great expanse unbroken by progression.Some times there has to be a concession.But change will never alter the scene.One day what was lost will return again. So spread your wings and sore.What a universe toContinue reading “Natural Beauty”

Course Of My Own

Fashioned from carbon and blood.Upon this spot I am stood.Emotions are always raw.Extreme and might put me on the floor.Yet it does not mean I want the pills.Downing them will eliminate all thrills.Leave a sensation of emptiness to grow.Cannot withstand that void so…I carry on without a hand to hold.Don’t think that makes me bold.I’mContinue reading “Course Of My Own”


Refuse to serve as their bait.Rise up and storm the gate!Slavery for all is what they intend.Break the chains of an establishment of pretend. What is peace for them is death for us.All they wish to do is truss.Feed us to their endless hunger,Just to make them ever stronger.A crooked smile across a devious look.AlreadyContinue reading “Reformation”

If It Begins It Ends

All that begins will also end.Rules which you cannot bend.Try and you might get stuck.Find yourself down in the muck.Flattened beneath the crushing weight.Particularly sad kind of fate. Incline past the point of no return.Answer will be the harshest burn.Fight but see no conclusion in sight.Like everything has lost its light.Blind to all the newestContinue reading “If It Begins It Ends”

Internal Insurrection

Sometimes my darkness is too much.I overdose on emotional rough.Stare through eyes as black as can be.Desperate for the light to shine on me.Its why I have to walk away.Find some peace and vent the severity.Claw my way out of the trench. I’m not alone so its time to tell the truth.Better than me pointingContinue reading “Internal Insurrection”


Thrash, maul, no control. What you did came too late.Particularly sad kind of fate.Deer caught in the headlights.Soul surrounded by darkest blights.Marks upon your once clean flesh.Crisscross like a scarred mess.Causing fail to seep on in. Thrash, maul, no control.Trapped alongside, broke overhaul. Words spoken that had no value.They condemn you to the gallow.Twisted secondsContinue reading “Overfool”