Launch them into the skyRocket races up real highThen it detonatesRevealing its coloured flakes A firework with its boomSpectacle as people go wooThen another fliesThis display goes for miles Lighting up the dark nightThe colours seem limitlessHoping it never endsBut everything does descend The sparks soon fizzle outUntil there is nothing leftThen the display isContinue reading “Fireworks”

Open Road

When the skies are black and you feel lostWill you search at any cost?The road less travelled might ease the painWith rolling clouds and pouring rainA great distance gone but still not doneTraversing continents without an endingSleeping under stary skies of inky blackEmbers spit until daylight Eons pass but still you roamThe open road isContinue reading “Open Road”

Words From A Simple King

Faceless gods make shallow claimsThis daily fix of fear and shameAnother shot to the hope of dreamsNow lay to rest all that remainsA battered shore that once was homeRuined lives vultures feast uponCloudy skies of a future diesWish upon your stolen cries Honest liars speak too muchThe norm has become a crutchAs the drug wormsContinue reading “Words From A Simple King”