Choose a route then change your mindCan’t you simply pick and grind?Walk a road without a shiftIt’s beginning to make me miffed Why can’t you just be clear?Instead of wandering over there and hereIt’s like a cloud has come downAttempting to steal every crown What is best for youMight not be for meStop trying toContinue reading “Contradiction”

Dumb Criminal

Kerching, your the victimThe pickpocket systemA day late and way too shortTime to speak with a consortBut that takes cashAnd you have noneEven tried to steal for funNever knew you were that dumbSat within the metal barsThe cops are laughing at your chargeWhile you plead, there’s been a mistakeYeah its called your stupid intakeBut stillContinue reading “Dumb Criminal”

Sail The Open Seas

Riding on the sullen seaWhere there is a salty breezeAs gulls do fly aroundAnd here there is no groundAt least not what is called landInstead on planks of wood we standWhile the air blows in our faceAnd the ship rolls all over the placeWith a hold full of golden coinsThat we spend as we sailContinue reading “Sail The Open Seas”


Scratch the point against the pageScarring surface with memoriesThe soft flow of ink will comeLeaving a stain upon the run Engraved deep within its faceThe markings of our embraceNote it down but don’t give pauseFor this is what is the cause Then while its purpose will have changedNothing will take its beauty awayA shift inContinue reading “Written”

Fruits Of Failure

Passion is coming down around youWill you hope or simply fail to?Question I always ask myselfIt’s so boring without health Treading down the paths of forgotten.Brokering all the lies rotten.Stuck between the empty rooms.Offered glimpses at the ever tombs.So let me lie down on the slab.Perfection for the nightly jab.Conclusions which will only fade.My timeContinue reading “Fruits Of Failure”