Bond Broken

I won’t compromise my visionEven as you spout derisionWatching from none too far awayIf only you would just be gone for meAs the fires gut the dreamYou claim you are the victimBut I know better than to believe your wordsEven gullible fools call you absurd I won’t betray my feelingsEven as you ridicule my decisionsWhileContinue reading “Bond Broken”


Resigned to the darkness that you love to loatheMaybe a gun will offer you the choice you cravePolyester hearts that beat like a worn drumWith tattoos that mark you out as the endless scumWhispering notes from your own rotten coreYou’ve become the hell you swore you’d ignoreAs the apples turn to blackened ashYou’re still tryingContinue reading “Corrupted”

Little Time

Ever stop and look at the world?Or do you just keep moving forward?Cause one day your young and then your notBlink too much and it’ll be spentEighteen to thirty in a minute Life is shortSo open your armsTime is fleetingEnjoy your living Ever forget the age you are?Or have you micromanaged this far?Cause thats justContinue reading “Little Time”


Crossing the great stretch of seaTo the place I always want to beMeadows of green and waters so pureWhere land is never in decayA garden of Eden filled with lifeSongs of hope do resonateCanvas of perfection that does thriveA place where only sun does shineViolence and storms are a mythIts a realm of brillianceWith pearlyContinue reading “Utopia”

Beast Within

The beast under the stairsThe rage you feel that takes you thereYou swore, to have destroyed itBut that was just another lieWhile thinking, you’d avoid itThough reality knew better there The beast under the stairsThe rage you feel that takes you thereWith a catch within your throatAnother name of someone you did chokeAs the hate,Continue reading “Beast Within”


Creeping, crawling, are they calling?As they weave from up aboveWatching without an ounce of loveFashioning reams of silk to throwSoon you’ll meet their fangs of woeSilent as the air aroundWill they ever be seen or found?Making home in dark cornersWaiting for prey to cross bordersTrapped within the web of liesUntil the spider collects its prizeCocooningContinue reading “Arachnid”


A blank mind in a blank skinThis world is doing me inWith fractured calls and shattered criesWhen will something surprise? Worming through the empty daysI feel the void eating awayEven as the cacophony continues to riseCan we just end this demise? Sleight of hand beneath the noseBut soon you’ll be stealing thoseWhile the bones constantlyContinue reading “Deceive”