Binary Hate

Trapped in a cage of rusting fleshA new day brings nothing but deathHosted files of miseryWhen will this wrist be emptied? Boiled, Broken, ShatteredUnspoken, Chained, EnslavedWe are the depraved Dragging in air of rotten stenchWe breed a new design of nothingnessShowing streams of heresyWhen will this hope be sullied? Boiled, Broken, ShatteredUnspoken, Chained, EnslavedWe areContinue reading “Binary Hate”

Start Again

Before we get into the poem I just want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Isn’t an end just a beginning?Reach for something that’s worth livingSearch the world until you succeedIgnore the taunts of the selfish breedThey seek greed and devotionBut they are without a single emotionAnd you will neverContinue reading “Start Again”

Abomination Of Beast And Man

Drift along the cambion lineTrying to escape both space and timeFind a place where i can dwellA void that fits so wellAgainst the flow of forgottenRight down at the bottomWhere wings are free just like thoughtNone of that should be boughtDraft a treaty bleached in wineThe kind that will never be divineWhile talons rap againstContinue reading “Abomination Of Beast And Man”


March across the fields of the dead and goneChant about how you will save the songQuestion all you can about the heart in stoneAs you realise you are far away from home Ready, aim, fire with only rage fuelled desireWhile the cries ring out about the lies of empireNo more taunts about how to startContinue reading “Trauma”


Cross the names off of the listPerpetual state of won’t be missedTie the noose around the stoneSend them down to the depths belowOne more trick up the sleeveNo one here remembers reprieveJust an outline etched in chalkBecause of the person they did stalkDrove the madness right off the bendCan you not simply comprehend? Well itContinue reading “Cataloging”

Turn The Key

Creeping in the halls of painAnother trophy calls your nameShouting dreams of heresyCan the future ever be free?As the clock does strike twelveSing for revolution bellsFor a night without falling shellsYou pay the piper to end the spell Dillusions of a broken mindThe world will never be so kindSpectres of a broken soulWatch as youContinue reading “Turn The Key”