Condemnation doesn’t mean a thingIts just a word for the eternal victimMasking hints of failed ascensionA race of people too busy fightingWhile the elected bicker like childrenThe act of doing has been stolen Restraint is just the new surrenderClaiming you are not the pretenderAs you wash your hands of bloodHow about you act for once?InsteadContinue reading “Actionless”

New Dawn

Winds howl and rain buffetsHold on tight or you’ll be nothingRipped from the open armsSent across this lifeless landTaken from all that you knowThe storm of heresy does growAnother notch into the beltWithout remorse or consent Biting cold and burning iceWill you surrender tonight?As you fight to surviveWar is hell and so you striveTo beContinue reading “New Dawn”


Launch them into the skyRocket races up real highThen it detonatesRevealing its coloured flakes A firework with its boomSpectacle as people go wooThen another fliesThis display goes for miles Lighting up the dark nightThe colours seem limitlessHoping it never endsBut everything does descend The sparks soon fizzle outUntil there is nothing leftThen the display isContinue reading “Fireworks”