Bitter From Near The Beginning

We had our fun but now it’s throughI can’t even stand the sight of youThe scars on my back speak all the truthThose are marks you refuse to accept as proofNot to say that it wasn’t goodWe both couldn’t stop when we shouldIt’s why we are now at oddsI hate you and you want bloodButContinue reading “Bitter From Near The Beginning”


Strengthen and overcomeListen to no oneEvery obstacle you can conquerDon’t put life off any longerKnives will strike at your backYou don’t have to abide thatPull them free and move onYou are better than all of themPassion of unequaled measureDo the things that give you pleasureWords will be fired at your choicesIgnore each one of thoseContinue reading “Resilient”


More or less is so one-dimensionalDoesn’t take into account potentialTo speak of another in this wayWon’t lead to you getting a sayJust listen and not rabbit onYou might just learn somethingPeople come in myriad formsNo need to decide them right or wrongLooks are only skin deepThey are something you cannot keepPersonality lasts foreverFocusing on thatContinue reading “Superficial”

When Saviours Are Snakes

Watching the watchers cause the forest has diedThey are the suits that brought upon this tideFaceless nameless forms from the lightDazzling all that glimpses the sightBut this is not how we wish to be viewedThat is a vision severely skewedFashioned just to form a habitNo one here should be considered rabidAs we are not theContinue reading “When Saviours Are Snakes”

Manor Of Brianna

Knock upon the eastern doorWaiting for so much moreWhat will come I don’t knowEmptiness is all that greets though Whispers from the open hallsSeem to be a million callsStep inside to find noughtFeelings are making me faught Banging from the floor abovePlace is devoid of loveA barren place to sleepOnly a dinstinctive creep Giggles inContinue reading “Manor Of Brianna”

Striking Hand

Wrapped in plasticDipped in sulphurAll you have you won’t offer Lash out with the striking handCondemn again all that’s banned Cut to ribbonsScattered heathensYou are always imprisoned Lash out with the striking handCondemn again all that’s banned Violence riseDeath is the prizeBurn out all their lying eyes Lash out with the striking handCondemn again allContinue reading “Striking Hand”

The World Outside

Running down the window paneAll I want to do is gameRun along the growing grassLaugh and cheer until I passThen venture back into the boxOnes built from bricks and stuffBut the weather is not my friendIt continues to pretendForce limits upon my funLeave me without a runNo chance to taste the airRoam about without aContinue reading “The World Outside”

Fight Of Fools

Throwdowns only lead to showdownsAnd that’s the last thing we want in this townCause when the crowds start growing the tension gets highAnd before too long the fists start to flyThen the sirens do blare across the airLeaving everybody ready to stareOut across the darkened skyNo one wants to say goodbyeSo the brawl turns toContinue reading “Fight Of Fools”