Grand Delusion

You beg to prosperWhile I see you fosterYour hand upon the blackbookThose listed for punishmentSeething like an old croneDetermined to take the hated throneEven as you claim your lightDoesn’t mean that you are rightWielding scythe upon the youngSoon the dominion will comeRuling over fetid landsBelieving yourself to be grandWhile among the rats others dwellTrying toContinue reading “Grand Delusion”

Blood Tyrant Of The Solar Moon

Another Wednesday, another story. This time it’s a fantasy tale. It’s about 12,900 words long. For me it’s quite compact but I think it turned out well. See what you think! Grand Imperator Varsius, head of the Order of Sacred Flame, smiles widely. Today is the day he has been working toward for a greatContinue reading “Blood Tyrant Of The Solar Moon”


You want blood for what you surmiseWish I could say its a surpriseAs blood spirals drown the drainIt starts all over againWith a fist to the throatYou just want someone to chokeA tongue like a knifeYou twist it deep insideInflicting upon others your liesNever willing to compromiseToo busy making rash judgementAiming to make pain abundantYouContinue reading “Surmise”