Grand Delusion

You beg to prosper
While I see you foster
Your hand upon the blackbook
Those listed for punishment
Seething like an old crone
Determined to take the hated throne
Even as you claim your light
Doesn’t mean that you are right
Wielding scythe upon the young
Soon the dominion will come
Ruling over fetid lands
Believing yourself to be grand
While among the rats others dwell
Trying to survive this hell
Brought on them without a court
Your judgement has been bought
Caring little for justice
As you spread the numbness
Cutting down your enemy
Spouting how they will be free
Zealous in your new fervour
Even as you commit mass murder
Place the crown upon your head
Posperity is all but dead
You as burn those who won’t agree
You are simply a monster to me

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