In the wake of that mission every member of Echo became twinned with the Legion sentient machines. They even expand their squad to include the last surviving member of Golf, Corporal Rick Sanders. The Legion machines having rebuilt his missing leg allowing him to walk again. The reports that returned to command in the wake of the mission included details that the generals could barely comprehend, and resulted in many questions. It was no surprise to the squad, or Legion, that the superiors of the human military had have fears relating to possibility that the tiny sentient machines might turn out to be manipulative or violent in some way. But after countless months of rigorous tests command have admitted that such reservations were unfounded.

So with the war against the Eternal’s, still hidden, and their Drones rages on, Echo are told they that will soon be redeployed to show exactly what they can achieve on the battlefield.

The squad of five will no longer, from this point on, be referred to with the designation of Echo. Instead they have been given a new moniker, Hydra, as they will now be led by both sisters, Sasha and Lyra.

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