Blurb: Locust

This is going to be the next story (which will as normal be posted tomorrow). Not sure this should be called a blurb or a premise, but either way here is the reveal of Locust!

A sentient race known as the Praetor are at war against an unknown alien species.

The Praetor are losing against the formidable might of their enemies.

Their technology is no match for the bright eyed metal skinned aliens that descended upon them from the stars without warning or mercy.

The Praetor call their enemy Alloys, and know that they will stop at nothing to claim Vello, the Praetors homeworld, for themselves.

The Alloys are a race that colonises and strips a planet for all it is worth. That is all the Praetor have learned about their enemies.

But the Praetor are losing.

They are only a few short weeks into this war, which can truly be called little more than a one-sided slaughter.

Every battle has seen the Praetor lose ground with defeat and demoralising defeat.

Many of their cities and huge swathes of their populace have been turned to ash.

Now all they have left is what remains of their capital, Aesur.

From here the Praetor have one last chance to mount a strike and hit back at the Alloys. They hope to turn the tide of the war. To put the Alloys on the back foot, so they might have a hope of stopping the unrelenting advances of their enemy. And maybe even one day reclaim what remains of their damaged world.

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