Blurb: Kismet

Here’s the preview of what’s coming tomorrow. Enjoy! Isis has been reborn. After centuries of death she has returned to life. But the world is very different now. It is not the world she was born into and the name she has been given is not the one she once held. She doesn’t remember herContinue reading “Blurb: Kismet”

Blurb: Spoil And Leak

The blurb has returned again! As usual the story will release tomorrow (and it’s a little under 8400 words). Not much else to say, so here’s the blurb for Spoil And Leak. A pair of software developers angry when they find out their bosses have taken credit for their latest idea, and all the workContinue reading “Blurb: Spoil And Leak”

Blurb: Ill-Gotten Gains

Hi everybody! Blurbs are back! Well at least for this week anyway. Took me a while to outline this one and it did get a full revision before I started writing it but its done now. The full short story will be posted tomorrow as normal. But here is the blurb. Hope you like it!Continue reading “Blurb: Ill-Gotten Gains”

Blurb: Unhinged

Hey! I’m back again with another blurb. This really is becoming a habit. Anyway, this is pretty different from what I’ve done before. There are no heroes in this story and when it’s published tomorrow you’ll see that it’s not very long (about 4000 words). So here we go! Ever actually lost your mind? IContinue reading “Blurb: Unhinged”

Blurb: Gunslinger

OK, so this is the blurb for the new story. It’ll be coming tomorrow. That’s all folks! Karas is a gun for hire that does bounty hunting work on the side.He’s refered to as the ‘slinger because of his quick draw and lethal efficiency.He says little, but his actions more than make up for hisContinue reading “Blurb: Gunslinger”

Blurb: Locust

This is going to be the next story (which will as normal be posted tomorrow). Not sure this should be called a blurb or a premise, but either way here is the reveal of Locust! A sentient race known as the Praetor are at war against an unknown alien species. The Praetor are losing againstContinue reading “Blurb: Locust”

Blurb: Infection

I’m back with another blurb. This is just a tease for the full story that’ll be posted tomorrow. The world has ended. Billions died in the wake of an infection that spread across the globe. But the infected didn’t stay dead. Which is why they now walk the Earth.  Small pockets of humanity are allContinue reading “Blurb: Infection”

Blurb: Circumnavigate

This is starting to look like its becoming a habit because I’m back again with another blurb. This story will be out tomorrow. This is purely just a teaser of what is to come. The world has been flooded. Sea levels have risen a thousand metres. Billions died in the wake of the rising tidesContinue reading “Blurb: Circumnavigate”

Blurb for next story: Trade

Hey! I know its not Wednesday, but this post is a teaser for what is coming tomorrow. Enjoy! Stuart is a former doctor who runs an illegal mems business on the side to repay a gambling debt. He rips memories out of people who have fallen on hard times and sells them off to theContinue reading “Blurb for next story: Trade”