You are the reason the world has gone dark
Instigating a war that you crave to start
Couldn’t care less about the lives that are lost
Death should come no matter the human cost
With a knife to the throat of the world
Happy to watch the hope continue to erode
Twisting lies that you call truths
You will never admit the blatant proof
Burn the evidence that might proclaim
How many victims have you left in pain?
Shattered hearts with empty minds
You pretend that you are kind
Lying to every single face
Claiming to be the best of the human race
Sick little mind on an open stage
Never willing to turn the page
As the rot continues to spread
You hide behind names long dead
Rewriting history to favour your cause
You’re the problem that needs to pause
So get out before the damage is done
You’re a fool playing on religion

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