Burrowing Stares

I feel all the eyes on me
And they just won’t go away
Always burrowing deeper in
Its like they’re judgement won’t end
Unblinking and without a care
They’re just filling me with fear
The searing I feel at all times
As my chest fills ’til I’m drowning
Shortness of breath I can’t fix
I’m sure my lungs will burst
As they continue to watch
Like they’re humoured by this
Just leave me be
I can’t carry on this way
As paranoia takes a hold
I feel my sanity fold
Collapsing into a grave
You’re laughing I’m lost
Just avert your eyes
Let me rest a while
I can’t take it being eternal
If it is i’ll lose the kernel
Shatter like glass
Drown in the emptiness
So just blink for once
And focus on someone else

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