Face Of Your Destruction

Lie through disaster of yester yearOr maybe just grab another beerLeave the dregs with pure fearAnother shot that got us here So with the putrid state of decayWatch the world as it spins awayGargle glass for another hopeOr will you continue to mope? Weave in the ash of fallen treesA time to come where thereContinue reading “Face Of Your Destruction”


Burn the bridgesStoke the forgeFeel the bloodWage your warsWretched hidesCrippled livesNo more sightedDead criesShattered prideDying lightEndless Night Prepare for the reckoningWe are the horsemenThere is no escaping Build your wallsIgnore the callsWait to dieSay goodbyeBuried liesOpen eyesDead promisesFresh scarsLast nightNo fightSold right Prepare for the reckoningWe are the horsemenThere is no escaping See the visionFeelContinue reading “Horsemen”

Blurb: Circumnavigate

This is starting to look like its becoming a habit because I’m back again with another blurb. This story will be out tomorrow. This is purely just a teaser of what is to come. The world has been flooded. Sea levels have risen a thousand metres. Billions died in the wake of the rising tidesContinue reading “Blurb: Circumnavigate”


Hey everyone! This is a little piece I wrote (around 700 words) that involves an interaction between several people at the end of the world. Not much more to say past that, so see what you think! A weathered looking man clad in some simple boots, plain threadbare trousers, a faded navy blue shirt theContinue reading “Charcoal”