Falter The Part

Misdirection is the gameEasiest route to take to fameWhat’s in the mirror is not reflectionEverything seen is part of the rejectionForming up just to drag it downIf there is a declaration it’s lost by the crownShattered line along which to followAll that remains is the sorrow Now don’t tell me you believe this to beContinue reading “Falter The Part”


Giving life for a causeMartyrs don’t write the lawsSuicide by inciting hateNot a life that was great Preaching to the empty choirLying about how much powerHoping to gain some groundThen twist what they have found Oppression by another nameIt will always be lameLike a bullet to an innocent mindControlling will never be kind Instigate butContinue reading “Martyr”

Breaks And Bodies

Hi Everyone! To be honest I’m not sure what to call this story. It’s not really horror though it does have elements of it. Easiest way I can put it is that it is about a grandfather telling his grandchildren a story. I’m saying nothing more than that, other than its about 11,200 words longContinue reading “Breaks And Bodies”


Passing on the seldom sunOne filled with opposite funStranded with a filthy glowChaos is what will showStuck in the desert sandWith only the constant landJoking with the blasted rockNot sure if I’ve come unstuckVisions of a safe havenIs this my brain getting even?Tricks wrapped in memoriesNot sure if its real or make believeRaised hand toContinue reading “Descending”


Idyllic temperate mysteryWoven along the time to beCorrupted glare to the bendLeaving it up to pretendWith a handful of seedNothing will build a new breedDisease has lit the eternal flameBeginning of the latest gameA descent into the deepest darkPeriod of how to miss the markOpting for a steep declineClaiming everything is finePit of thorns bathedContinue reading “Axis”


OK then. This week is a Sci-Fi story. Idea came to me and I liked how it turned out. You may or may not be able to guess where this story is going, I don’t know. I’m not going to say too much on it other than this world is very broken. I essentially tookContinue reading “Evicted”