Infect, Die, Repeat

Infect, die, repeatMan is obsoleteBodies in the bagsRaising of white flagsWhat a way to liveLike being convictedSentenced to the graveContrary to braveIgnore what should be doneRecycled lie againCast out all the factBreaching of a pactSlither through the reedsNot the way to beSiphon from the coreExploiting fatal flaw Perish not remainCast the world in flameCackle inContinue reading “Infect, Die, Repeat”


Hi everyone! First I just want to say that I really enjoyed writing and reviewing this story. I like writing all the stories I come out with but only occasionally enjoy reviewing them. It’s a part of the process and not a part I generally see as anything other than a necessity. Secondly, I’m notContinue reading “Overcharge”