Changing of a seasonViewed like treasonDawning of winterWind jabs like a splinterThrough the skin it breaks Whiteout of the sensesFilling every one of the tensesAir choked with brittle iceStinging worse than head in a viceNot sure there’s a shelf life Blanket of pearly whiteCovers whether day or nightCrunch beneath every footMirror to an expanse ofContinue reading “Chill”

Devil Comes Knocking

No sequel this week. Instead, I’ve got a story that while Sci-Fi focuses more on a vital drug that doubles as a tool for oppression. Don’t really want to say much more about the story than that, but will say it’s about 9,500 words long and that I hope you enjoy, Devil Comes Knocking! CheekContinue reading “Devil Comes Knocking”

One And Two Are Too Few

Now is not the time to be stubbornSuch things should be forgottenCast them out into the seaAvert the trail of miseryFrom which problems continue to flowWe all know it to be soThat is why we must try harderSuch a waste to be a race of martyr To polarise is not the wayDoing so might justContinue reading “One And Two Are Too Few”


Pitter and patterThe world a splatterSounds of rainDriving unslainBounce off the wallsAnd the uneven floorsWhile the wind blowsCarrying drops so…They are spread wideNo choice of which sideJust a frequent howlThen a machine gun growlCrash against the paneMore noise againYet somehow it soothesMakes me feel amusedCalm before the stormExcept the threat is goneNow a passage fromContinue reading “Rainstorm”

What Is Faction

Holographic priest with hedonistic tendencyShould there be a tunnel for just you and me?While operations try and breed reprieveStaring out at the galaxy begging to believe Mass production of what we cannot sayBuild the bridge while you restrain decayLattice work of ice twinned with remorseShould we try and fashion new divorce?Instead of simply carving atContinue reading “What Is Faction”

Fragmented Friends

Hi everyone! This week’s story is a sequel to the one from last week. I came up with the idea shortly after finishing Overcharge but wasn’t sure if it was worth pursuing. I pursued it anyway because I don’t often do sequels to the stories I write and wanted to see how it would turnContinue reading “Fragmented Friends”

Shock Is Gone

Fractious with failed intentionToo many faults to mentionPack of wolves amongst the sheepWave goodbye to an ounce of sleep Bloodlust, this is the look I see in your eyesHeaven sent, are words that no one criesSurprise! What has come is forced forgottenOld mistakes that breed rottenTrapped behind the wall of leadVoices scream out they’re deadContinue reading “Shock Is Gone”


Scratching at the ever itchThe place that I used to stitchHampered by some foreign sightJust before the blinding lightDropping to my battered kneesBegging for information keysWhile vicious tones continue to ringAsking if I think I’ll get out of this thing?Response beyond my mentions hereI could really do with venting fearInstead I rub at my fleshHopingContinue reading “Unravel”

Sabotaged By Your Disaster

You don black wings, to start ascensionPity that you, sold redemptionSo now you flounder, all for nothingDesperate to become, the next somethingBut that ship has sailed, and left you waitingYour hope is gone, and now your hating Self-infliction, that you can’t settleFailed the test, broke your mettleParalysed by the loss, of no inclusionThat’s why youContinue reading “Sabotaged By Your Disaster”