What Follows Will Not Go

Structures begin to falterThe drones won’t stop the tortureProgress slips to failureNo more sense and composureJust empty boxes once called roomsFeeling like barren tombsLights flicker covered in mossWhat was born is now lossNo hand upon the guiding wheelOnly silence can win the fightWhile waters run down and stainMarking out how to complainBut the clouds areContinue reading “What Follows Will Not Go”

Force Change

Overpaid and underworkedOur system is a massive jerkTold that we are lazy and dumbTruth is we’re being bred to be numbTrapped in jobs that lead to a wallPoliticians and corporations think us the fool ExploitationWe need retaliationBreak the systemWe are the victim Force change! Buried under all the billsNo wonder we resort to pillsCut offContinue reading “Force Change”

Pieces In Play

This week’s story is influenced by Halo. If you know the franchise you’ll probably be able to tell. If not don’t worry it isn’t important other than this is a military sci-fi story. It has a bit of a twist to it too. Not going to spoil it but this is a longer story atContinue reading “Pieces In Play”