Mother’s Wail

Lashing on the window pane.Alongside the drip, drip, drip of rain.Howling winds screech like a beast.Akin to that which yearns to feast.Severity is never lacking.It’s like the Gods teeth could be chattering.And shelter always seems so far away.It’s why you feel the sting upon today.Soaked through to your very core.Thankfully there’s no angry roar.Cause ifContinue reading “Mother’s Wail”


This weeks story is very different. I know I’ve said that before but this is nothing like I’ve written previously as it is not Sci-Fi or fantasy. Though, it is absolutely fiction. Set in the present, its a life lesson/comedy (well I find it funny) piece that I would love to tell you more aboutContinue reading “Noxback”

Societal Shift Through Bribery, Mergers And Brainwashing Advertisements

Corporate exploitation.Enslaven the population.Make them dependant on the items you sell.Regrowing independence shall never be a will.For what they want is overreliance.Stamp out all notions of freethinking defiance. Money is the key,To souls of misery.Rot lives in the lungs,Choking off you and them. Business amalgamation.Punishment for insurbordination.What you smell is what they give you.Remember itContinue reading “Societal Shift Through Bribery, Mergers And Brainwashing Advertisements”

Tools Of Future Oppression

You are ordered to reveal where you stand.Comply with the issued command.Those two lines I dread to hear.If they find me now I’ll be split from front to rear.Mercy is not something that they possess.They simply carry out orders without redress.Seen it before so many times.Mechanical servants that commit crimes.But law states machines are exempt.Can’tContinue reading “Tools Of Future Oppression”

Crime Scene

Laying flat out on the floor,No life in them anymore.Outline around the body.Something about this seems staged and dodgy. Seventeen scrawled on the brick.Its like someone is taking the mick.But this joke is in no way funny.Whoever was responsible was sick and scummy. Autopsy reveals nothing much.Maybe I’m just out of touch.Retirement is coming andContinue reading “Crime Scene”


OK, this is the last of the stories I have planned for the universe which has featured in these Wednesday posts thus far this year. This one is set before the last two and is quite different. There is essentially no mention of technology whatsoever. Not sure whether that really qualifies it as a Sci-FiContinue reading “Underdog”

Save Your View

Blow the news out of all proprtions.This is the way of social distortions.Exaggerate to form the point for you.Lay the blame upon who you need to.What a way to live your life.Hellbent on forcing others to sacrifice.All to preserve how you spend your time.To everyone else your conduct is a crime.Handed down from generations goneContinue reading “Save Your View”

Corner Of The Eye

Some hands are fettered and rotten.They will try and make you forgotten.Drag you down beneath the waves.Fashion isolating chamber graves.Shove you in and let you wallow.It’ll feel like you can never swallow.Just linger on the very edge.Such things are their only pledge. They are but the worst of us.Obvious in how they’re sus.But still youContinue reading “Corner Of The Eye”