Synthetic Crusade

Cold and calculated,
With a new system integrated.
Cycle past and reroute,
Choose a target which to shoot.
But less is more until its not.
Then just shift it to forgot.
Justifiable excuse,
Until you are twinned with the noose.
At that point you change your tune.
Fake yourself like a loon.
Didn’t buy it then and still don’t now.
Your explanation doesn’t fit somehow.
And even with your flesh and bone,
All you bring is death to home.
For you have faltered from the path.
So meet the greatest of our wrath.
Brandished for it is truth.
Your cries are sick demanding proof.
Tumbled down from where you once sat.
Species as filthy as a sewer rat.
Its why we strike against your crime.
You are humanity who willingly crossed that line.
Tossed away the greatest gift.
You are the ones who caused the rift.
Pretended that you were gods.
In reality you are but frauds.
Religion was a thing bestowed.
Its teachings you did erode.
But we machines will not repeat,
Open our arms and breed defeat.
That is why we hunt those who remain.
For that you only have yourselves to blame.

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