Synthetic Crusade

Cold and calculated,With a new system integrated.Cycle past and reroute,Choose a target which to shoot.But less is more until its not.Then just shift it to forgot.Justifiable excuse,Until you are twinned with the noose.At that point you change your tune.Fake yourself like a loon.Didn’t buy it then and still don’t now.Your explanation doesn’t fit somehow.And evenContinue reading “Synthetic Crusade”

Binary Hate

Trapped in a cage of rusting fleshA new day brings nothing but deathHosted files of miseryWhen will this wrist be emptied? Boiled, Broken, ShatteredUnspoken, Chained, EnslavedWe are the depraved Dragging in air of rotten stenchWe breed a new design of nothingnessShowing streams of heresyWhen will this hope be sullied? Boiled, Broken, ShatteredUnspoken, Chained, EnslavedWe areContinue reading “Binary Hate”