I descend upon the Earth,
From the heavens I saw birth.
Thick and unrelenting as I come;
Eliminating chance of fun.
Not that it would have come to pass.
Still I’m a limiting factor mass.
Not that you think I have a brain.
To you I am just some weather that came.

Twist my vapour round trees.
Blanket all with such ease.
Suppress sight down to little.
Your patience is getting brittle.
And yet you still wish to carry on.
But I get denser as theres no sun.
Give you reason to pause and consider.
About how this weather is not getting better.

I laugh at the stress I cause.
No I don’t believe in pause.
Just spread my mass all about.
Leave a great deal of doubt;
So much you think it creepy.
Couldn’t care less I’m feeling greedy.
So understand I am much stronger.
Question it but its truth born from hunger.

Sadly my fun is dispelled.
With the rising I am felled.
All that light and boiling heat.
The only thing that makes me weak.
Its painless but disconcerting;
So these final words I’m blurting.
Promising that I’ll rise once more.
This fog thats me will return to blanket all.

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