Bouquet Of Ruin

You say life ain’t worth living.I don’t believe that to be true.This bouquet of ruin,Is what was handed to you. Pressure is mounting and you don’t want a piece.Rather be curled up in a different place.But truth is things are not what they once were.Listening to the world can feel like a spur,Driven deep intoContinue reading “Bouquet Of Ruin”

On A Stage

You have time I have not.Build these mountains without thought.Carve terrain into a valley.Too many moments filled with folley. Beaten down into the dirt.Sick of every moment filled with hurt.Bags filled with nobodies;Like species wide obsessed hobbies. Glance to your periphery.Comes prior to the jab to be…Cure for the itching sting.Screams in your head areContinue reading “On A Stage”

Monster In Skin

Flames I put to my flesh.You get one solitary guess.Immolation for all to see.From this horror you cannot flee.Bleary eyed and fixated.Make you understand the fated.That we are circling around the drain.Nothing from this can you gain.So stop your schemes and your traps.All it is revealing are more cracks.A face shrouded behind clay.Lies that haveContinue reading “Monster In Skin”

Conspiracy Of Lies

You build it up ’til it reaches conspiracy,But behind the scenes you are the tyranny.What has come is still yet to be.From this shroud you shoot to guarantee… Feeding on the witness.Inflicting desperate sickness.Molding in attempts to change the truth.Acting like you are a sleuth.Casting bright light onto dark.Pity your words are a self-interested remark.Continue reading “Conspiracy Of Lies”

Cycles Intact

What is all of the obsession,With making people a possession?Don’t you get that a person is not a thing.What they are is a human being.They get to make the choices that they wish.Not be used and twisted until they become like fish;Stuck upon your crooked rusty hook.Starting to think people need to read a book.ItsContinue reading “Cycles Intact”


You look for idols.Crave ’em like bibles.Disappointment comes in cycles.Stop with recitals. People are the same no matter what their standing.Except these names are ones you only know by branding.So don’t get invested in those you don’t know.Doing so can end in tears when truth is different, so.Cultivated and measured to maintain appearance.Perhaps the truthContinue reading “Idols”


Mount the horses and storm the gate!Why is it we burn all that we create?Whether it be nations or relations.Everything succumbs to annihilations.Starting to think we’re bred for destruction.Pity we can’t stop that obsession.Talk a while and work things out.Not resort to wanting a bout.To dance around the mortal ring.Never does it achieve a positiveContinue reading “Ain’t”

Aim Down Sights

Hi! Wow, its June! Doesn’t time fly? Anyway, this week the story I’ve got is a little different. To be honest its been inspired by recent world events. I guess it is kind of a Sci-Fi story, not going to get into why, you’ll have to see for yourself. What I will say is thatContinue reading “Aim Down Sights”