It’s dark under the stairs.
No room to even split hairs.
So long since I’ve left this space.
Forgotten the look of my face.
My eyes acclimiatised to night.
What is it like to see bright?

Memories are difficult to see.
Will I ever be set free?
Past events point to no.
Suffering I wish would go.
But hope is something I won’t hold.
To me there is no such thing as gold.

Shrink beneath the blanket cover.
Cannot stop the amount I shudder.
Days are beyond lost to me.
No clue what year it could be.
Creaks confirm I’m not alone.
Sometimes I wish this was not my home.

Subjected to hate since I could crawl.
All events have made me feel small.
Happiness is but a word.
Not one I have ever heard.
Misery and fear are all I know.
But I keep it pressed down low.

Shouting often fills my ears.
It jabs the air just like spears.
Then out the blue I hear the lock.
It’s been so long that I’d forgot.
Still I aim to hide in this place.
Worried for who’s presence will grace.

Open door brings blinding light.
Never thought it would be so bright.
To my surprise there are no screams.
It’s like something out my dreams.
But still I cannot dare to hope.
Positivity will undoubtedly choke.

Voice assures they mean no harm.
Urging me to remain calm.
Ask my name and how I am.
I cannot help but think it a sham.
In the end they get me free.
I find that I have been saved, finally.

Three years and now I see,
Truth of all the things you did to me.
Made a person into a shell.
Forced me to live in hell.
But freedom has been achieved.
I have never felt so relieved.

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