As I Lay Dying

As I lay dying it dripped into my mind.
This world has decided to parasite and remind,
That we are small, pathetic and short in time.
Jokes on you cause I never wanted highs.
All that I’m craving is an end of days.
No more prowling, hiding in the haze.
Checkmate, one fingered salute displayed.

From this burning bed of thorns,
Comes the hatred with its new forms.
Set back but determined to prevail.
For once I wish it would set sail;
Quest across the oceans to be swallowed by the seas.
For it serves no positive purpose.
All it brings is the breeding of sleaze.

Out the eyes of envy bleeds disaster.
Another voice that demands to be called master.
Sickened by the obsession and heresy.
Let me drift and thats it you’ll see.
No second pleas or wishes to be filled.
Disgusted by the blood thats been spilled.
No I will never be he who is thrilled.

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